The COVID pandemic has affected us all in many ways: most importantly our ability to collectively function in an in-person office environment. We are so accustomed to driving to work, chatting with the team over coffee, grumbling about our slow computers, and completing our days’ work to the best of our ability. But what happens when going to a collective office space is no longer a safe option? How can we continue to function normally when our technology already needs upgraded, let alone try and operate remotely?

We were unhappy with our previous IT provider as he was slow to respond and content with the status quo. We felt that we were hanging on by a thread, technologically speaking; over half of our staff were still using Windows 7! That combined with an inability to co-author documents and constantly needing to email multiple copies of documents in order to work safely from home really inhibited our efficiency and effectiveness.

In October of 2019, I attended a webinar hosted by UNITY Tek Systems. I learned about their service offerings and primary focus on modernizing smaller local United Ways around the country. I was comforted knowing they are an approved United Way Worldwide vendor, meaning they have been vetted and are familiar with the local United Way structure and needs. It was also very important to us that our potential IT vendor was patient, transparent, and responsive.

Since beginning the transition from our previous vendor to UNITY Tek, they have been all of the above and more.

UNITY Tek saved the day by giving us the freedom to work safely from the comfort of our homes.