We are an educational non-profit organization in Minnesota operating with a very piece-meal approach to our technology. Our virtual office infrastructure was all over the place using a combination of Dropbox, Google Workspace, Zoom, and donated devices. Often, we struggled with knowing what to use when. Instead, we would use an application to resolve the issue at hand and not prevent it in the first place. We realized that our current environment limited our view of and threatened the integrity of our data resulting in wasted resources and discouraged collaborative work. Does this sound familiar? Our goal in 2021 was to put a structure and streamlined platform in place, unify the devices we use, and create more collaborative opportunities across our team removing these data silos.

Austin Aspires was the recipient of a grant to assist with a much-needed upgrade of our technological infrastructure. The problem was that we had a bit of a time constraint. The deadline for completion was the end of June. Local options for support, management, and setup were limited in our area and so we leaned on other local non-profits for recommendations.

One of our nonprofit peers in the Austin community referred us to UNITY Tek after their move to Office 365 in 2020. They spoke very highly of the work UNITY Tek did to migrate their information to the cloud and increase their effective use of O365.

UNITY Tek were quick to respond and exceeded expectations. They developed a plan to revitalize our office with new machines and migrate our data from our mix-and-match environment to the secure cloud. Even with the setback of requiring an on-site technician to set up new machines, UNITY Tek did not hesitate to have their top engineer travel to our location. The timing was perfect as the engineer was able to deploy devices for the entire staff as well as provide training for the new O365 environment.

In an unexpected turn of events, we were denied non-profit eligibility and barred from purchasing discounted licenses. UNITY Tek went above and beyond and were able to appeal the decision granting us non-profit eligibility and securing us discounted pricing. This move potentially saved us thousands of dollars. The proactiveness in which UNITY Tek ensured gaps in service were prevented prior to our trial licenses expiration is wholly unmatched.

Austin Aspires is grateful and appreciative for an overall positive experience with UNITY Tek. We can rest easy knowing our hard work won’t be lost in a possible event leading to business continuity disruption. We can begin to operate more effectively and efficiently remotely using this new set of business productivity and collaboration tools.