I first heard about UNITY Tek Systems from Kevin Bailey, CEO of the United Way of Southeastern Idaho. He had shared his own cloud migration journey and I resonated all too well with their pre-migration working environment. Our location in Mower County of Minnesota is also a very small operation. The only difference was that we already used Office 365. As we later learned, we were not utilizing the full capabilities such as having remote access to files through OneDrive and SharePoint.

Most of our files were stored on an internal server which we could only access onsite. Because everything was saved on the local server, only one person could access the document at a time. This meant we had to utilize the “save a copy” feature. Often, this created issues in determining which copy included what changes made by whom and whether that copy was the most up to date. It was very cumbersome, and not conducive to an effective and efficient work environment.

Even with a recommendation, I was hesitant to contact UNITY Tek at first. We had previously enlisted the help of multiple different IT companies locally and experienced issues across the board. When we connected in February of 2020, our location was still operating as normal and not fully prepared for remote work. We greatly appreciated their patience as COVID-19 quickly consumed our attention and we were forced to adhere to the state’s first stay-at-home order. Thankfully, just as Kevin exclaimed in his success story, UNITY Tek was extremely responsive, professional, and transparent throughout our correspondence.

Prior to the data migration project, we were able to make do under the circumstances, but needed remote access to QuickBooks and our Donation Tracker software. UNITY Tek was able to immediately recommend and implement a solution. From there, the migration process was painless and did not interrupt our normal operations. This was a pleasant surprise! We expected way more hurdles than we experienced going through this migration knowing what we have experienced in the past. Even with a minor file sync issue that occurred, UNITY Tek was quick to remedy the situation. If that was the only issue, I can safely say that UNITY Tek exceeded my expectations.

A lot of people may have a hard time believing that a company can complete this type of project without meeting in person. I am now a firm believer and advocate in UNITY Tek’s mission to bring modern solutions to even the smallest of operations. Today, my team is now able to access our files remotely and continue business as usual amidst this pandemic. I’m grateful to call our experience with UNITY Tek a success and continue to focus on helping our community.